Nexera Fractionalizer

Introduction - Fractionalizer

The Fractionalizer module, an integral component of the Nexera ecosystem, is a suite of smart contracts designed to facilitate the fractionalization of On-Chain-Data-Containers (ODCs). By leveraging specialized Fraction Token contracts that individually extend ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155, ODCs transform into divisible entities termed fractions.

Notably, the Fractionalizer can be extended to provide fractions that adhere to any token standard. Support for other ERCs, such as ERC-3643 and ERC-1400, can also be developed.

This intricate process is facilitated by securely locking the ODC within a corresponding Fraction Token contract and subsequently minting the respective type of fractions to the ODC owner. Notably, fractions are fully transferrable, granting stakeholders the flexibility to engage in trading activities. Unlocking the ODC is contingent upon the exhaustive burning of all associated fractions, ensuring a transparent and controlled tokenization procedure.

Furthermore, the ERC20 and ERC1155 Fraction contract types introduce an optional governance feature via a dedicated voting mechanism, wherein fractions serve as tangible representations of voting power, empowering stakeholders to propose various on-chain actions and vote for or against their execution. These Fraction contracts also support a redemption feature, enabling stakeholders to withdraw a proportionate percentage of underlying assets wrapped within the fractionalized ODC by burning their fractions (see Nexera Wrapper for more details).

Getting Started

A tutorial showcasing the usage of the Nexera Fractionalizer can be found here.

Main Concepts Overview

Explore the core principles of the Nexera Fractionalizer and acquire a comprehensive understanding of its fundamental workings.