Nexera Rules Engine

Introduction - Rules Engine

The Nexera Rules Engine module enables you to gate critical parts of your applications using customized on-chain rules and validate that your customers comply with these rules without getting hold of their private information, enabling you to easily incorporate common compliance and other asset management workflows into your applications.

With the Rules Engine module, you can validate rules in multiple ways:

  • Validate against rules published off-chain and on-chain.
  • Query proofs of rules validated off-chain and published on-chain.

The customized rules featured in this module can be integrated into different parts of your application:

  • In the frontend of your applications.
  • In the backend of your application.
  • Within your smart contracts.

The Rules Engine module will allow you to do the following actions:

  • Verify if a given user is compliant with a given rule.
  • Query available ZKProofs for a given Identity.
  • Require a given user to provide necessary Verifiable credentials or valid ZKProofs.
  • Give access/ Revoke access to the underlying authenticated data that serves to generate the ZKProofs.

Getting Started

Main Concepts Overview

Explore the core principles of the Nexera Rules Engine and acquire a comprehensive understanding of its fundamental workings.